Congratulations to Liz De La Nuez – GTBHC’s Employee of the Year!

Each year during our anniversary month of May, GTBHC management announces its choice for Employee of the Year. After much thought and discussion Brian, Kim, Margi, and Bobbi narrowed down the field of contenders for Employee of the Year to one individual. And the honor goes to….well you saw it in the headline. Here’s a little about Liz. Although she is a Registered Nurse in Puerto Rico, the WA State Department of Health is still processing her RN application – luckily for Liz’ home care clients they been exceedingly slow in doing so.  In the meantime, Liz has successfully completed 75 hours of Home Care Aide Basic Training in Good To Be Home Care’s training classrooms and passed the HCA Certification exam. Liz is very well liked by each of her current clients and their family members, and she’s worked with a wide range of clients, including some of our most challenged. Liz has also succeeded in meeting the challenge of working alongside one disabled child’s parent who has driven off numerous well-qualified and dedicated home care aides. Liz can assist with any Activity of Daily Living, and does whatever is called for in her clients’ Plan of Care. We in the office are very pleased that she sticks to the POC. She is tactful but firm in adhering to the assigned tasks despite requests by family members to do “extras” that would have taken her focus off her disabled clients. Liz is also conscientious in her documentation and timekeeping, which is no small blessing to Margi, Bobbi and Kim. Liz has taken on many last minute substitute assignments, and it is hard for schedulers to not take advantage of her willingness to cover for a co-worker who calls out unexpectedly. She “doesn’t mind” seeing the overtime pay in her paycheck. During her Basic Training class, Liz was very modest about her existing nursing skills as she supported less experienced fellow students during hand-on training sessions. To top it all off, Liz adds a quick smile, a contagious laugh, and a great sense of humor to her attentive care.

Along with a certificate of commendation, Liz was awarded a merit raise, and dinner out with Brian and Kim at a restaurant of her choosing. Management is already keeping our eyes and ears open for Liz’s successor, but we know she’ll be a tough act to follow. ¡Felicitaciones, Liz!